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Direct transactions via the integration of blockchain technology and automated smart contracts are the main focus. Digital Era opens up lucrative business solutions on both fiat and cryptocurrency. The P2P lending platform with blockchain technology increases the returns with principal amounts in the banks.

InnBlockchain is one of the early adopters of crypto and blockchain filled with experts and bank-grade security P2P lending platforms assure a safe and secure experience. At InnBlockchain, We provide the white-label P2P lending solution that extends the reach out to more than 3 bn. Also, The feature-rich solution allows crypto startups to fulfill their dreams by laying the foundation for a crypto lending platform.

P2P Lending Platform Services We Offered

Lead the crypto market with the attentive blockchain platform leveraging the latest techie and unique features from us.

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P2P Crypto

InnBlockchain develops the roof called crypto lending where connects both lenders and borrowers with the desired interest rates. By getting this, peers can make the preferred deals under the governance of automated smart agreements.

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Fiat Lending

For those who wish to launch cryptocurrencies with fiat as the base, InnBlockchain is the viable option. Based on the comfort level of the users, We select the right technology and render the P2P fiat with the self-executing smart contract mechanism.

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Cross Lending

Developed countries approve the crypto transactions to make the deals smart. This feature empowers both lenders and borrowers to deal with currencies in a cross-platform nature. This cross-platform assists to encourage young entrepreneurs to reap many benefits.

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Enabling the refinance option, Our P2P lending platform provides the opportunity to borrowers to access the new loan from another lender easily. This is valid if the user has paid the half-payment within the specified time period.

Build A P2P Lending Platform to Gain A Success With InnBlockchain

A pool of professionals in InnBlockchain utilize Blockchain technology in the right way to ensure the functionality in a superior way and this turns your startup into an efficient one.

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Market-Leading Features of P2P Lending Platform

Greet the traders with a range of blockchain platforms as per market demands withIn InnBlockchain and stay unique with others.

Loan Origination

With the use of the P2P lending system from InnBlockchain, a complete process called loan origination takes place. This allows the borrower to originate a loan to the lender's funds.


With the integration of several methods like SSL certification and 2FA, We enable the P2P lending platform that allows both borrowers and lenders to log in securely.

Capability to KYC/AML

During the withdrawal, identity confirmation is prior. The P2P lending platform from InnBlockchain includes capabilities like location-based KYC and AML verification for identity.

P2P Wallets

Wallets enabled with P2P lending blockchain from InnBlockchain allow both buyer/seller to hold, send and receive a spectrum of cryptocurrency as per secure transaction limits.

LVR Calculation

To access the loan application, Lenders use the Loan Valuation Ratio(LVR) calculator and this predicts the percentage of collateral value for borrowing

Lender/Lead Management

InnBlockchain provides a single platform where the lender and lead managers easily manage the borrower details such as loan details, tenure, KYC and balances, etc.

Why Choose InnBlockchain?

Be a profitable owner in the crypto space with splendid features from the InnBlockchain team

360 - Degree
Requirement Gathering

With the deep experience and knowledge in handling smart contract solutions, We gather the requirements from our clients initially. The deep analysis on the framework selection, dependency in the database, and the market needs in this phase assure hassle-free development.

A Pool Of Smart
Contract Developers

Our in-house blockchain-skilled developers have vast experience in building smart contract solutions for any business irrespective of size or complexity. Our team always focuses on the business rather than the codes.

Round Clock Support &

With expertise in emerging technologies, We provide post-adoption support to automate the transactions and bring stability to the business workflow. Aligning the process needs with the time zones globally, We offer round clock support to our clients.

Great Portfolio

We at InnBlockchain deliver a wide range of smart contract solutions to all industrial sectors like health, insurance, trade, Ecommerce, renewable energy resources, P2P trading, and more. With our unique solutions, We have a good portfolio in building smart contract solutions.

One - Stop Solution

To experience the secured collaboration and reduce the operational cost our dApps developers will provide a command-line interface kit to handle the blockchain technology. With high-end programmable language and multiple platforms, we provide a one-stop solution.

The Technology Stack in Blockchain Development

Shots of Techie-platforms support Blockchain Platform As Superior

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Angular JS

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Node JS

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Express JS

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Blockchain Development Company - Innblockchain

FAQ - Peer to Peer Lending

One of the familiar ways to get loans is P2P lending. Once the conditions defined by the platform owner are met, then the individuals borrow the amount without any intermediaries. This ensures the direct connection between lender and borrower.

Definitely Yes. The lenders who have a deep understanding of credible borrowers definitely drive more money. P2P lending platforms provide good interest rates.

Closely looking, the P2P lending platform is a promising investment platform. This beneficiary platform via a white-label solution from InnBlockchain is a highly worthwhile one.

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Blockchain Development Company - Innblockchain
Blockchain Development Company - Innblockchain
Blockchain Development Company - Innblockchain
Blockchain Development Company - Innblockchain
Blockchain Development Company - Innblockchain