STO Development: An Overview

STO development involves the creation of security tokens. Generally, security tokens are developed by backing real-time assets like stocks, real estate, etc. The value of the security token is defined by the backed assets. The creation of security tokens is not as easy as Utility token creation. While creating a security token SEG guidelines must be followed strictly. An STO facilitates a project to raise capital by giving security tokens to investors in a contracted manner. STO is the most secure & safe form of crypto investments which benefits both the issuer and investors.

A Security Token holder acquires some ownership rights and becomes a stakeholder in an Organization. Security token denotes a share in an organization. Simply, Shares of an organization are given in the form of tokens, this is the way to grab investors rather than listing them on an exchange. Launching an STO would aid to attain reliable investors for your business. Absolutely, it is a smart approach to take your crypto business to the next level and also you can increase your investment funds with the investors.

Our STO Development Services

Security Tokens

Security Tokens

We create security tokens with various token issuance platforms such as Swarm, Securrency, Harbor, and more. These tokens serve as regulated securities.

STO Smart Contracts

STO Smart Contracts

The protocol automatically executes the pre-built rules associated with the distribution, issuance, and trading of security tokens.

Security Token Issuance Platforms

Security Token Issuance Platforms

A decentralized platform for transparency, safety, and legally compliant security token crowd sale and also provide asset management for token investors and issuers.

Tokenized Asset Offering Development

Tokenized Asset Offering Development

We create tokens backed by assets to guarantee a definite return to the investors. This guarantees a clear path to business where they need not put more effort for asset tokenization

Payment System Development

Payment System Development

We provide you with a strong payment portal to guarantee that the buyer of your STO can keep it safely and can also exchange it. This makes your offering more possible for investors.

Support Management

Support Management

We make your proposal a complete-fledged business offering with the help of a support management system, which makes it reachable. This feature definitely helps the investor a lot.

What can be tokenized?

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Key Steps of STO Development







Testing & QA


Launch and Maintenance


STO Development Company


Here, we conduct a session to understand your business goal. This session helps us to sketch out your existing workflow and your upcoming goals.

Smart Contract Development

Why Choose InnBlockchain for STO Development

InnBlockchain is a well-recognized STO development company with 3+ years of experience in tokenizing assets legally with SEC guidelines. Growing companies rely on us as we support them from token creation to STO launch and also help them in branding to grab investors for crowdfunding.

Our expert has the ability to create security tokens in various platforms like Swarm, Harbor, Polymath, and more. Our knowledge of STO, helps us to comprehend your token requirements and launch tokens with smart contracts to meet your business requirement. As security tokens are linked with the federal law of the country, we have specialized in legal regulation to establish STO successfully.

Cryptocurrency wallet consulting

STO consulting

We analyze your business requirements and bring out the needs for an STO solution. We suggest an architecture design, and tech stack for issuance, STO smart contract, and exchange platform. Along with this we also provide a detailed feature set for STO issuance & exchange platform. For your knowledge, we will deliver you with a roadmap for an STO solution which includes a risk mitigation plan, time, and cost estimate.

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Cryptocurrency wallet development

STO Development

We support you in the development of an STO solution. For this, we will collect business requirements from your side and sketch out a design for issuance, STO smart contracts, and exchange platforms. Then develop an API to expand the STO solution's integration capabilities. Before deployment, we conduct audits and testing to ensure that the product is ready to go LIVE.

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About InnBlockchain

About InnBlockchain

With 3+ years of experience in blockchain, InnBlockchain help in translating business ideas to reality with creative tech solutions. InnBlockchain stands for creativity. Our result-oriented solutions have gained numerous awards and also won the heart of clients. Being a certified company, we guarantee to provide high-quality service and also confirm the safety of customer data

FAQ - STO Development Company

STO is used to raise capital by selling shares which denotes investor's investment in their startup. Security tokens are backed by real assets and are regulated.
Generally, there are numerous regulatory issues involved with STO. But we Innblockchain follow SEG guidelines to develop your project according to your jurisdiction. To be honest, the development of security and smart contracts takes approximately 1 to 4 months approximately.
Blockchain-based security tokens have numerous advantages. They include transparency, programmability, user anonymity, legal framework, and improved liquidity. Moreover, it improves security.
The cost varies based on numerous factors such as location, time constraints, developer, tool & technology, and more. There is no rule to determine the expense. It may also fluctuate based on your requirements.
If any businesses wish to increase capital for their venture but don't have a preferred platform for utility tokens, then STO development is the better choice. STO provides numerous benefits like
  • Least market entry barrier
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Better possibilities for investor acquisition
  • More fundraising options
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When it comes to block chain, the security regarding attributes plays a significant role and hence we majorly prioritized on the quality of the script to provide you with an unwavering solution.

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